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Dubai boonbased coffee roaster that offers a wide range of premium, BOON specialty coffee shop & roastery – 100% pure, single-origin, Arabic coffees directly source from farms at the origin. Their green coffee origins include Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil.

Originally started as a small coffee roaster but the company has grown in the last 6 years to be one of the leading coffee roasters in the region supplying coffee to high-end restaurants & Cafes. Nakheel malls Roasters Cafe has been their flagship cafe since the start of Depachika. Boon is famous as premium organic Ethiopian coffee with high-quality green roasted locally in UAE. They source world-renowned premium coffee varieties. The Boon Coffee Shop located in JLT shares its brewing methods with both coffee lovers and specialty coffee connoisseurs, offering exceptional experiences.

Boon boonCoffee is a UAE based company born from a passion for exclusive – fresh and simple coffee. Bringing one of the finest premium Arabica coffee in the world, straight from the farmers.

What differentiates the team from others that they bring, single-origin, organically grown 100% Arabica coffee beans, straight from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. Offering only premium beans which are then sold as green or roasted skillfully in Dubai, which allow the company to capture the pick flavor of the coffee and deliver freshly to our customers.

The products available include Coffee Beans, Coffee Press, Coffee Machines, Coffee Paraphernalia etc. The Coffee Shop is an organic specialty coffee roaster, providing the finest, freshest and most skillfully roasted coffee beans available in the UAE. boon coffeeThey are proud to be able to offer 100% pure, single-origin, Arabica coffee beans sourced directly from Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee! The company has over three generations of coffee palate expertise, and with top quality European equipment to ensure their beans are roasted to perfection. Boon guarantees consistency, aroma and flavor beyond belief! The winning formula and the essence of great coffee comes from a passion for perfection, pure and simple!

BOON company are aware of their responsibility they owe to the Ethiopian farmers who provide what many have called “black gold” to the world. In collaboration with the farming communities that provide with the beautiful coffee beans. Boon Coffee believes that education fosters opportunity, and the team assigns a portion of our profits to help children in these communities attend school and get the education they deserve.

Sat to Wed: 09:00 – 22:00
Thurs & Fri: 09:00 – 22:00


Unnamed Road
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 578 7187

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