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Bongo’s Bongo's Bingo DubaiBingo is the UK phenomenon which is very popular and taken the country by storm. Selling out over 20 shows per month across 8 UK cities is an incredible experience, as Bongo’s Bingo continues to create an unprecedented demand which is a lot more than many festivals.

Bongo’s Bingo Dubai has just recently witnessed 300,000 people in the Liverpool region seeking to buy 5,000 tickets, a level of demand which is incredibly rare in any kind of event, let alone for bingo. It’s true that Bongo’s Bingo is a huge craze with people and has to be seen to be believed – the show combines the traditional elements of bingo with dance-offs, rave intervals, lots of heckling, audience participation, endless hands-in- the-air anthems and the chance to bag some great prizes.

Each bingo nightmega bingo evening is presided over by one of its co-founders, the legendary Jonny Bongo, who manages as part host, part DJ and past master of ceremonies. It’s a fun yet chaotic experience, and very  unpredictable as no two shows are the same. There’s a familiar thread of distilled mayhem running through each and every Bongo’s Bingo.

The novelty night out where the traditional rules are left at the door, with impromptu singalongs, dancing on tables and some hilarious prizes. Bongo’s Bingo Dubai was organised on March 19 for a St Patrick’s Day special at Atlantis, The Palm. Groups attended in large numbers with gangs. This is a night no one wants to miss. Clients can expect crazy dance offs, wild raves and then there’s a bit of some ‘gold at the end of the rainbow’.

The Bongo's Bingo Dubaiactual bingo will technically be playing the official game, competing to be the first to complete a line, two lines and then a ‘full house’ to bag yourself some amazing prizes. At Bongo’s Bingo Dubai random raves, crowd karaoke and lots of cheering will break out in-between rounds, so get set to experience the unexpected. Previous Bongo’s Bingo Dubai rewards have included a toaster-maker, giant stuffed unicorn and a cardboard cutout of Vinnie Jones.

Bongo’s Bingo Dubai

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