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BLOOM Vegan Kitchen

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Get bloom vegan kitchenready for a list of new vegan, gluten-free menu items at BLOOM Vegan Kitchen.

Vegan in Dubai can have a nice choice with BLOOM Vegan Kitchen has a number of delightful and healthy choices for clients to check out. The online outlet launched in Dubai in April, and since then has expanded across all emirates. BLOOM Vegan Kitchen serves burgers, salads, bowls and more. All dishes cooked up by the new kitchen are 100 percent vegan and delivered within 30 minutes.

BLOOM has added more dishes to its menu too, including a breakfast wrap, mac & bloom and chocolate mousse. You can get gluten-free items now too, including the popular grilled cheese sandwich, cauli tacos and mac & bloom. Diners cann have BLOOM delivered with Talabat, UberEats, CareemNOW and Zomato making it easy too. Those who are plant-based in Dubai, there’s plenty more options to try.

The concept bloom vegan kitchenof BLOOM was born in Dubai, with the will of eating healthy and tasty plant-based food! After the team came up with many recipes later, they opened our kitchen and virtual concept, delivering all emirates in the UAE. They don’t have a physical restaurant yet! But their food can be delivered to clients within 30 minutes through their delivery partners!

All their food is 100% VEGAN, there is no animal nor dairy products. The team feels NATURE is their best friend and they aim to cherish it! Even their packaging is 90% recyclable and they plan to keep improving. Their inspiration reflects their TEAM, it comes from all around the WORLD in different moods and colors!

100% VEGAN, bloom vegan kitchen100 % TASTY PIZZA made with vegan dough, topped with vegan cheese, grilled zucchinis, kale, avocado, red cabbage, chickpea, pesto, olive oil, oregano is a delight. Bloom Vegan Kitchen is the UAE’s newest plant-based eatery. Heloise Lambert, founder of Bloom Vegan Kitchen, wants people to know a plant-based diet is not as restrictive. Some varieties taste entirely processed and not meant for human consumption. Others have no flavour. Heloise Lambert, the founder of Bloom Vegan Kitchen, uses it in the grilled “cheese” sandwich that’s offered on her menu. Velvety, smooth cheese that’s made from soya and vegetable-based cream oozes out the sides of the toasted bread. A pesto sauce cuts through with much-needed acidity, while layers of cooked spinach add an earthiness to the creation. All of this is served with chips that are ideally crispy on the outside and fluffy within, and haven’t gone soggy in the time it takes to move from kitchen to home.

Bloom Vegan Kitchen has it’s a delivery-only service that operates out of Shakespeare and Co’s kitchens across the UAE. This allows Lambert to use the brand’s trained staff, who prepare the vegan dishes separately to those with meat, and deliver to various locations in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai and Sharjah. But Lambert hopes to expand to a bricks-and-mortar cafe in the near future, preferably first in The Greens, in Dubai, where she lives.

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