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Floating over the gigantic desert of Dubai in a hot air balloon is among the topmost memories to bring back from a tour to the UAE. And that is the reason why hot air balloon ride is on the top bucket lists of almost all visitors. Moreover, the sunrise view over the desert is tunning as the sunlight reflects at a broader range all over the dunes. The fantastic scenario of the colours appearing light red just as the sun rises and switching to sparkling yellow as the sun becomes brighter is magnificent. The Hajar Mountains, situated on the borderline of Oman, accurately go with the scene forming a fantastic backdrop and shooting opportunities.

The famous Dubai hot air balloon rides are performed primarily during sunrise. It is to let the guests cherish the massiveness of the desert at the most excellent time of the day. The colour of the dunes at the time of sunrise gets magnified by the rising piercing sun. As it keeps travelling, guests will also be able to spot Arabian animals, including Camels, the Arabian Oryx, and Gazelles. Furthermore, although a group package is one of the most booked in Balloon Ride Dubai, hot air ballooning is one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai and flying in a private balloon with that special someone is beyond words. Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary, a spouse’s honeymoon, or a guaranteed “YES” proposal, this experience is renowned for becoming one of the best days of one’s life.

The breakfast is served in a private desert setting, prepared especially for the guests. Set at an exclusive desert oasis in abundant retreat, guests can take in the Dubai desert’s beauty for even longer. They can enjoy the charming silence of the desert in the morning in stunning scenery set amongst the dunes. After breakfast, embark on a luxury one-hour wildlife drive in a Range Rover through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which is teeming with life. The guests’ conservation guide will take everyone to a remote desert lake, a bird sanctuary. Visit a ghaf tree forest and spot native desert wildlife like Arabian oryx and gazelles. The wildlife drive follows set tracks through this pristine part of the Dubai desert.

Experiencing the vastness of the Dubai desert at 3000-4,000ft is particularly magical. A Hot Air Balloon flies with the wind, and from where Balloon Adventures Dubai takes off, guests may go over the huge Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve spotting pristine rolling dunes in all directions. Other desert views are just as spectacular, with crops, villages and camel farms scattered through the desert. As a child, everyone has tried to imagine what it would feel like to fly like a bird, freely, with no care in the world. This dream has been unattainable for most. However, taking flight in a hot air balloon offers everyone a true sensation of floating through the skies and experiencing serenity that will allow everybody to dream with their eyes wide open. Although the actual hot air balloon flight lasts not beyond one hour, the whole experience takes two to three hours and will leave memories for a lifetime.

Balloon Adventures Dubai 
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Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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