Try al fanarout this traditional restaurant that specializes in seafood. Experience the Bur Dubai area of Al Seef in all of its historical magnificence at Al Fanar.

Taste the best produce and enjoy a meal at Al Fanar. The restaurant’s mall branch is great, but the setting at the Creekside location gives a mesmerising feeling. With a set-up that look similar to 1960s fishing harbour eatery, the rustic venue offers an authentic look into what dining would have been like back in the day.

Al Fanaral fanar is known for its breakfast, diners can order the tomato-scrambled eggs, which come with a choice of two Emirati breads. Reqaq, the thin, wafer-like version can be eaten on its own or with another dish, and has a soft, sugary flavour that doesn’t overshadow anything. Located in a seafood market, diners can also go for the fresh catches. The squid is great at Al Fanar – it’s roasted to perfection. The meal is great with but dessert is delightful, luqaimat is a lovely choice. They’re freshly prepared can be had with date syrup. The karak, also known as an exotic Indian black tea is made with milk and a blend of spices. It is refreshing and balanced with flavours. This is the place to relish Emirati food and offers a taste of the culture.

Al Fanar al-seefRestaurant & Cafe pays homage to the old Dubai of the 1960s through the flavours of authentic Emirati cuisine. This is a rustic and sophisticated eatery sits in a traditional house that has seen and reflected Dubai’s transformation. Diners can experience nostalgic and comfortable setting, Al Fanar invites guests to have a select your fish, choose a cooking style and your preferred rice, and enjoy.

08:30 – 22:00

Al Fanar Seafood Market

Al Seef St, Bur Dubai
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 396 6669

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