12 Chairs Caviar Bar, Experience Dining Luxury To New Heights

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Diners are invited as 12 Chairs Caviar Bar opens in Dubai. It is located on Level 71 of the impressive 75-storey SLS Dubai. Plan for an exquisite dining experience that will redefine luxury to new heights. Following its success in Doha, the lavish dining concept will introduce the brand’s exclusive, one-of-a-kind caviar and bubbly experience to the UAE. The unique dining concept will elevate the dining scene in the city and offer a new favourite destination for residents to enjoy the finest caviar and champagne. 12 Chairs Caviar Bar offers classic caviar served with its traditional partner blinis up to flavour combinations with vanilla or Margherita-style pizza. You can pass by and choose to have a couple of small bites or go with a whole tasting menu experience created by our talented chefs.

Guests can expect to walk into an intimate and opulent setting with stunning views over the rooftops of Dubai. A striking marble bar sets the tone for the interiors, which feature gold and pink accents, creating a stylish and modern space perfect for a sumptuous dining experience. SLS Culinary Director Chef Cláudio Cardoso explains that all creations are prepared right in front of guests, invited to explore a complex gastronomic experience, whilst being introduced to the culture of caviar and sophisticated drinks. Spencer Wadama, General Manager at SLS Dubai, said: “We are delighted to welcome guests to the recent addition to SLS Dubai’s exclusive culinary experience. Sourcing the best and most coveted fish roe and the finest champagnes, 12 Chairs Caviar Bar is a stand-out luxury dining destination that will provide our guests with the utmost upscale experience.”

At 12 Chairs Caviar Bar, dinners can expect the best, fresh caviar, bursting with a clean nutty flavour and a creamy finish. In addition, the iconic menu features opulent options that include bites, cones and caviar. Moreover, among the fine delicacies available on the menu, guests will revel in various mouth-watering Caviar specialities. Furthermore, choices of tastes range from the Baerii, boasting a soft and creamy texture with sweet, nutty, and savoury notes; the Oscietra, golden brown pearls with almond and floral notes; and Kaluga Reserve, elegant and indulgent with a multiplex of umami, selected by the caviar master.


Caviar is high in vitamin B12, which is crucial for the body to function well. It covers almost 236% of the recommended daily value. More to say, vitamin B12 does not only help remedy fatigue and weakness, but it also helps a person develop protein and red blood cells and assists in the breaking down of fats and carbs. Its menu is classified as the following:

  • Caviar Bump (Oscietra, Kaluga, Siberian, Iranian Albino)
  • Signature Cones (Tuna Akami, A5 Wagyu, Vanilla, Smoked Salmon)
  • Luxury Cones (Foie Gras, A5 Wagyu King Crab)
  • Blini & Caviar (Iranian Beluga, Primeur, French Vintage, Royal Oscietra, Kaluga, Jasmin)
  • Caviar Tapas (Paper Pizza, Asparagustart, Baba, Taco)
  • Omekase Meu

Guests can view its entire menu and rates here.


12 Chairs Caviar Bar has a wide selection of drinks and cocktails. Some of these are Champagne of the Month ( Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage), 12 Champagnes (NV Moet & Chandon Imperial, Brut, 2012 Gosset’ Grand Millesime, Brut. etc.), Vodka (Grey Goose, Elit Stolichnaya, Nikka Coffee Y Vodka, Beluga Noble, Beluga Goldline) Sake( Junmai 12, Junmai Ginjo, Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo) and Wine ( White, Rose and Red).

Tues – Sun: 19:00 – 0 :00

12 Chairs Caviar Bar
Level 71, SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences Marasi Dr Business Bay
Dubai-United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 607 0737
Web: https://www.sbe.com/hotels/sls-hotels/dubai/12-chairs

Photo courtesy: https://www.sbe.com/hotels/sls-hotels/dubai/12-chairs

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