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Published on July 7th, 2016 | by Manisha Surange


Maison Eric Kayser – Artisan Boulanger

Maison KayserMaison Eric Kayser - Artisan Boulanger is an authentic artisanal French Boulangerie, that has gained a reputation for producing the finest quality breads, pastries, cakes and cookies over the years. This popularity is built on expertise and a commitment to continuous perfection. Located at the Dubai Mall, this store is one of the most popular restaurants for baked goods.

Eric Kayser is a unique bakery that has its branches all over the world. Apart from the rest, the brand is committed to using natural leavening agent in breads and pastries. They create superior-quality bread and follow some beliefs, values and principles that the bakers use and apply each and every day. Eric Kayser has not just created his company on stable foundations, he has offered a distinctive movement that is constantly adapting. With advancing technology, the team innovates and creates a new category of stores that are bright, bustling communities. Maison Kayser is an international company, they use and understand traditional crafts to evolve into something more modern that reflects the trends of present time.

Maison Eric Kayser - Artisan BoulangerTheir “bakery restaurants” are a prime example of this unique commitment. Eric Kayser pursued his ambition of creating bread with a creamy center, offering distinctive grain and dried fruit flavors and an excellent shelf-life. This dynamic, International company has Eric Kayser as the educator and he decided set up his own company with expanded operations into many stores, making it number one in the world market. The heart and soul of the company remain firmly rooted in Paris, where each and every chef undergoes a rigorous training process before taking up their position. The baguette Monge remains one of the brand’s signature products, and breads vary by texture, color, size and flavor. Each and every product embodies expertise, rigorous approach to authentic ingredients, and natural leavening agent. Visitors can relish pastries and brioches that has a generous helping of high-quality Touraine butter. The cakes and cookies are available in-store each and every day. Maison Eric Kayser - Artisan Boulanger For those looking for a delicious, fresh meal, then the bakery and restaurant can offer a selection of hot and cold sandwiches made with bread from the baking workshops prepared exactly to requirement. They also have an assortment of quiches, soups and salads produced from seasonal vegetables. The bakery uses healthy, natural products that will appeal and satisfy even the most robust appetite.

Eric Kayser has built a team of passionate individuals and Maison Kayser enjoys a unique opportunity to reassess the design of bakeries and the products, this same approach is followed in each and every one of the countries, from France, Mexico and Chile, to the United Arab Emirates, Senegal and Portugal.

Maison Eric Kayser – Artisan Boulanger

Dubai Mall
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 339 9375

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