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Dubai Zoo – Animals of Dubai

Dubai Zoo is the oldest zoo of its kind not only in the United Arab Emirates but also in the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai Zoo also happens to be the first Arabian zoo to breed the rare Chimpanzee and Arabian wild cat.

It is a special place of interest and fun for tourists and the people of Dubai and H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum, the late Ruler of Dubai, permitted Otto J. Bulart to build the Zoo on a two hectacre plot in Jumeirah and in those days The Dubai Zoo became a landmark as it indicated the town’s end.

During the first couple of years of its existance, the Dubai Zoo housed only a few animals like the big cats, monkeys and hoofed-animals. There was also a small acquarium with some fishes and reptiles but when in 1971 the management of the Dubai Zoo was taken over by the Dubai Municipality a part of the Zoo was redesigned and rebuilt. From then to the present there is constant re-designing and renovation.

Located in Jumeirah, the Dubai Zoo is a popular attraction, especially for families. The zoo’s modern facilities though small  includes a group of animals that fits to UAE’s environment, and in other environments from all over the world and houses approximately 230 animal species among these are around 248 mammal specimens, including foxes, hyenas, pumas, lions, jaguars, chimpanzees, baboons, monkeys, deer, bears, porcupines, giraffes and Barbary sheep.

Endangered species include Socotra shag or cormorantBengal tiger, gorilla, subspecies of grey wolf and Arabian wolfSiberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica), and the indigenous Gordon’s wildcat.

Birds include ostrich, golden eagle and parrots.

Reptiles are represented by around 400 specimens.

video by AYAAN Media

The number of the animals in the zoo is 118 species while the total number is 984 and number of the group according to their species: is listed below:

  Mammals Birds Reptiles
Type 43 52 23
Number 160 513 311


– Public facilities services (WC for men, women and for people with special needs)
– Shaded seats are available
– Restaurant providing beverages, sweets, ice cream and presents are available
– Prayer place services (for men and women with special places for ablutions

 Working Hours

– Summer timing: from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm, from 1st  of March to the end of October
– Winter timing: from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm from the beginning of November to the end of February
The zoo is closed on Tuesday.

Entrance Fees

– 2 Dhs for each person
– Children under 2 years are free of charges
– Free entry for people with special needs

Safety Instructions

– Please keep the zoo clean and throw waste at the designated places
– Don’t touch plants
– Children should accompanied by parents or adult
– Visitors are responsible for repair costs in case of damages of zoo’s facilities due to misuse
– The administration accept no responsibility of any loss, injuries or intended personal accident
– Commercial activities are not allowed without an prior official written permission
– Please adhere to wear appropriate clothing that comply with the habits and customs of the society
– Feeding animals is prohibited

Dubai Zoo
Jumeirah 1 (near the Jumeirah Shopping Center and Mercato Center)
Jumeirah Street, Dubai -UAE.
Tel.: +971 4 34 40462, +971 4 349 6444
Call Center: 800900


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