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Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai

Practical Information

– Jumeirah Mosque is in the up-market beach area of Jumeirah.
– No prior booking is needed for tours.
– Ladies need to be covered – long skirts or trousers, long sleeves, hat or scarf for the head.
– Gentlemen need to wear trousers – T-shirt or shirt and not a vest. You need to take off your shoes before entering the mosque.
– Information about Islam is put up at the rear of the mosque.

Jumeirah Mosque is a dominant landmark of Dubai city. Built in the medieval Fatimid tradition, this stone structure is a tribute to modern Islamic architecture. While strolling through the Mosque at sunset, you will be washed in shadows by this elegant formation.

Built in the medieval Fatimid tradition combined with modern building materials. Considered to be one of the most attractive mosques in Dubai, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding organizes visits to the Jumeirah Mosque for non-Muslims, aimed at promoting cultural understanding and first-hand experience as an insight to the Islamic religion.

Jumeirah Mosque Tours are organized by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding as part of its Open Doors, Open Minds policy, designed to bring different nationalities together. Most unusually, photography inside is allowed, so it’s worth packing a camera. The tour, which is as much fact-finding as sight-seeing, lasts 1½ hours and there’s a Q&A session at the end.

The tours are conduct every Saturday,  Sunday,  Tuesday and Thursday at 10am (children must be 5yrs+ in age) for the tourists and residents who gather outside the ornate Jumeirah Mosque for a conducted tour of the Mosque and a better understanding of Islam. Fee is AED 10per person.

Holy Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

The Arabic word for mosque is `masjid‘, i.e. place of prostration. The holy day of the Islamic week is Friday, `yaum al jum’a’, on which day all adult Muslim men are commanded to go to the Jumeirah Mosque for prayer (women can perform their prayers at home). The Jumeirah Mosque where Muslims gather especially for the Friday prayer is the `masjid jum’a’, the Grand Mosque.

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Inside Architecture of Jumeirah Mosque

Qibla wall of Jumeirah Mosque, the wall, which faces Mecca, as this is the direction (Qibla), which a Muslim has to face while he is praying.

Mihrab, prayer niche in the center of the Qibla wall indicating the exact praying direction. It is also the `holiest’ place in the Jumeirah Mosque.

Minbar in Jumeirah Mosque , a platform to the right of the Mihrab from where the `imam’, the one who leads the prayer, delivers the `khutba’, the Friday sermon, which can deal with religious, social and political subjects.

Lord in Jumeirah Mosque

In the Jumeirah Mosque Islam is forbid to create any pictures of living beings except plants, which could be worshipped. Accordingly, it is very rare to find pictures in Mosques at all. Instead, the interior is usually decorated with rich ornamental patterns and Arabic calligraphy. Before entering the Jumeirah Mosque for Prayer, the ritual cleansing (wudu’) has to be performed. It starts with washing the right and left hand (3x), then the mouth (3x), the nose (3x), the face (3x), the right and left arm (3x), the head, the ears, and finally the right and left foot (3x).

Brief History of Jumeirah

Before a long time Arabs were live in the Jumeirah areas where fishermen, pearl divers and traders lived. But after1960 Jumeirah was the principal area for western expatriate residences of rich persons, but the huge expansion of the emirate since year 1995 has seen a growth in housing developments across Dubai.

Jumeirah is generally agreed to be one of the most exclusive parts of Dubai and this has led to the use of the Jumeirah name as a brand which signifies exclusivity e.g. the “Jumeirah Beach Hotel” and the “Jumeirah Beach Club etc. The ruling family of Dubai has called their up market hotel chain “Jumeirah” was formerly known as “Jumeirah International“.

Entrance Fees
– Free

Visiting Time
– Saturday to Thursday: Open
– Friday: Closed

– Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00.

Contact for Guided Tours & other information
Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding
House 26, Al Mussallah Road
Al Fahidi District, Bur Dubai
Phone: +971 4 353 6666
Fax: +971 4 353 6661
Email: [email protected]


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